Digitalic, a prolific music producer hailing from Patras, Greece, exudes a captivating blend of sounds that traverse the sonic realms. With a penchant for crafting mesmerizing Electronica and Downtempo compositions, Digitalic‘s artistic horizons expand even further as he delves into the realms of Deep Ethnic, Organic, and Tech House music.

Presently, Digitalic has aligned himself with the global music scene, boasting collaborations with six renowned music labels. Beyond the studio, he graces the decks of both his hometown’s vibrant nightlife and various locales across the country, weaving his spellbinding tunes into the fabric of the night.

At the core of Digitalic‘s musical journey lies his brainchild, “The Art of Groove” Music team, where creativity knows no bounds. Additionally, he stands as the visionary behind “Dance Mafia Records” a testament to his commitment to cultivating the finest in electronic music. Drawing inspiration from his companions, Digitalic immerses himself in studio sessions that birth pure sonic magic.

Stay connected with Digitalic‘s musical odyssey by following his captivating journey on social media platforms such as “Facebook” and “Instagram.” Embark on a symphonic adventure that knows no limits, guided by the rhythmic genius of Digitalic.

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