Geo Hard BT

I go by the name Geo Hard BT, and I proudly wear the hats of both a skilled DJ and a dedicated Producer.

In my other life as a captain, I find myself journeying across the globe, a unique vantage point that shapes my perspective. Yet, it’s the world of music where my heart truly belongs, a realm I aspire to conquer on a global scale.

Each beat I craft, each melody I weave, is a testament to the myriad experiences I’ve gathered in my travels. With each note, I strive to encapsulate the essence of my journeys and translate them into the universal language of sound.

Guided by an inner rhythm that resonates with my soul, my mantra is to “Create with love and play with madness,” a philosophy that fuels my creative fire. 🌊And as the waves of inspiration crash upon the shores of my imagination, I find solace and strength in the sea’s boundless beauty.🌊

As an accomplished DJ, I’ve had the privilege of setting stages ablaze across Greece and London, infusing vibrant energy and excitement into dance floors everywhere. My artistry revolves around an exquisite fusion of mainstream dance beats and cutting-edge techniques – from toneplay and wordplay to scratching and seamless key transitions.

Beyond the turntables, I’m a creative force in music production. Crafting my own edits, remixes, and original tracks spanning popular genres like Pop, R&B, Reggaeton, Moombahton, and Mainstream House, I orchestrate a symphony of sound that captivates audiences.

This online platform not only showcases my musical exploits but also hosts a personal blog – a central nexus for my electrifying DJ mixes and ingenious remixes. Driven by a profound love for music, my offerings here are a testament to my unwavering passion. And the best part? Everything is generously shared with you, absolutely free.

My ultimate aspiration is to spread the euphoria of my music, ushering joy and delight through the auditory enchantment I create. Thank you for gracing this space with your presence, and I extend an invitation to unite with me in embracing the pulsating rhythm and embracing the vibe.